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Ernentraud Karnap [userpic]

[OOC post: Links list]

October 25th, 2009 (07:23 am)

OOC: Unfortunately, the entries drop off my Friends page after 14 days. To make retroactive viewing of the RP chronology easier, here's a list of links to all the posts that have been made, in order.

Administrative note.

Irony. Ow. (pillarofruin)
Standards these days (pillarofruin)
Writer's Block: oldest friends (thewishfire)
On individual vs. communal research (pillarofruin)
Safety goggles (exceedinglife)
No introduction could be so profound as to speak for the words I speak! (justicewearsred)
No introduction could be so profound as to speak for the words I speak! (take 2) (justicewearsred)
I don't know where I come from, where I'm going to... but I can hear the voice.... (thewishfire)
peace (thewishfire)
Writer's Block: Sick day (thewishfire)
Mr. Popular (strivinghigher)
[locked from Roxis] Rivals (thewishfire)
Theory: the best cure for worry. (pillarofruin)
Busy, busy! (exceedinglife)
[locked; visible to Isolde-sensei only] Time to go. (justicewearsred)
Great, I spent all that time on my synthesis and I can't find it. (strivinghigher)
Tinsel (thewishfire)
Party? (exceedinglife)
New song -- "Paradise" (tailconcerto)
posting while high, whee (strivinghigher)
!!! (exceedinglife)
emergency (exceedinglife)
well now that that has mostly settled down (justicewearsred)
a clear cold morning (thewishfire)
Destroyed (strivinghigher)
[private entry, filtered from everyone] Confused... (strivinghigher)
I hate Vayne (strivinghigher)
[OOC post] What They Didn't Say On LiveJournal -- prosefic
[locked to Vayne only] Appointment (pillarofruin)
[locked to fellow students] I think I'm in trouble.... (thewishfire)
Mana (thewishfire)
Announcement (watchoverall)
Just when you think you have no pride left to lose... (strivinghigher)
An awfully big adventure (exceedinglife)
Principal's office (thewishfire)
I did a strange thing again.... (thewishfire)
I feel sick (thewishfire)
I will not go gentle into that good night. (pillarofruin)
Isolde-sensei (thewishfire)
[locked to Isolde-sensei and the students of Workshop 1-B] Philosophical combat (justicewearsred)
Coming out (strivinghigher)
Wonders of the heart... (pillarofruin)
...It's snowing! (exceedinglife)
To Vayne, Roxis and Isolde-sensei (exceedinglife)
[locked to Roxis only] (thewishfire)
After all... (pillarofruin)
Something unusual.... (tailconcerto)
On pacts and Mana (exceedinglife)
Home at last (thewishfire)
Conjunction (strivinghigher)
Tomorrow (thewishfire)
Writer's Block: Nothing to fear but fear itself (thewishfire)
[OOC post] Shadow of the Gates -- prosefic
I admit it. (strivinghigher)
Travelling (thewishfire)
Hallways, always (thewishfire)
Don't try this at home. (pillarofruin)
I hope I'm not talking nonsense. (strivinghigher)
dissolving (thewishfire)
I can't do this (strivinghigher)
Prison and sanctuary (thewishfire)
Surrounded (thewishfire)
Hopeful returns (thewishfire)
So close (thewishfire)
Home (thewishfire)
New song -- "Someone You Should Know" (tailconcerto)
Normal (thewishfire)
Writer's Block: Come here often? (thewishfire)
Writer's Block: Come here often? (tailconcerto)
Shine with all the untold... (pillarofruin)
Strength (strivinghigher)
[OOC post] How Many Miles To Babylon -- prosefic
Aurificium Magica (thewishfire)
A little confused over here.... (tailconcerto)
Writer's Block: Six months (thewishfire)
[OOC post] No More Demons -- prosefic
Sleepovers are fun. (exceedinglife)
Writer's Block: Take my advice (tailconcerto)
I am the last in line... (strivinghigher)
So many lights... (strivinghigher)
Writer's Block: The next generation (thewishfire)
Letters (strivinghigher)
Allowing my self to exist.... (thewishfire)
Um, guys.... (exceedinglife)
Clarity (thewishfire)
Writer's Block: I'm sorry (thewishfire)
Graduation (strivinghigher)
Waking from an endless cycle? (pillarofruin)
An alchemist's direction (strivinghigher)
New song -- "If It Be Your Will" (tailconcerto)
To the future (thewishfire)